Arisia 2022 - DRAFT - Subject to change - DRAFT Schedule, by Area

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Art & Maker

Friday 7:00pm You’ve Been Framed! Framing Tips for Artists
Saturday 10:00am Making Space for Making
Saturday 1:00pm Directors’ Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 1:00pm Paths for a Professional Artist
Saturday 2:30pm Descriptive Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 2:30pm Materials of the Medium
Saturday 4:00pm Kid-Friendly Maker Projects
Saturday 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 7:00pm Art Show- Open House for Fans with Disabilities
Sunday 11:30am Creating Cover Art
Sunday 11:30am NFTs and the digital art investment marketplace
Sunday 1:00pm Manufacturing Creativity: Breaking Blocks
Sunday 2:30pm Reiko Murakami Tour of the Art show
Sunday 5:30pm Art & Copyright
Monday 11:30am Mapping the Fantastic


Friday 8:30pm Superman and Religion
Saturday 10:00am Image Comics at 30
Saturday 4:00pm So Your Fave Comics Pro Is a Creep (or Worse)…
Sunday 2:30pm Graphic Novels as Memoir
Sunday 4:00pm Creating Comics: From Idea to Finished Product
Monday 11:30am Murdock v. Spencer: Lawyers in Comics


Friday 5:30pm Turn and Face the Strange: COVID’s Impact on Us
Friday 7:00pm Polyamory Basics
Friday 8:30pm Polyamory: Expectations vs. Reality
Saturday 10:00am Sex-Positive Parenting
Saturday 10:00am Cancel Culture in Sci-Fi & Fantasy Spaces
Saturday 11:30am Self-Care at Conventions
Saturday 1:00pm Fandom and Disability
Saturday 5:30pm The Vilification and Fear of Fat Bodies
Saturday 7:00pm Mental Illness: Separating Fact from Fiction
Saturday 8:30pm Neurodiversity & Neuroscience in SF/F
Saturday 8:30pm BDSM for ALL (18+)
Sunday 10:00am Teaching Our Kids Consent
Sunday 10:00am Age and Fandom: What it looks like after 50
Sunday 1:00pm Effective Advocacy for Geeks
Sunday 1:00pm Connecting with Your Kids Through Media
Sunday 4:00pm Consent Beyond the Bedroom
Sunday 5:30pm Proper Pronouns Matter
Sunday 8:30pm Introduction to Kink (18+)
Monday 1:00pm Disinformation Self-Defense

Con Tech

Saturday 9:00pm Tech Gear Petting Zoo


Saturday 11:30am Saturday Feedback Sessions
Sunday 1:00pm Arisia January Corporate Meeting
Monday 2:30pm Monday Feedback Session

Cosplay & Costuming

Friday 7:00pm Cosplay Safety
Saturday 10:00am Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Saturday 10:30am Masquerade Rehearsal
Saturday 1:00pm How do I do the thing?
Saturday 7:00pm Learn From My Fail: Costume Horror Stories
Sunday 11:30am Playing Well with Others—Costuming for Groups
Sunday 2:30pm Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade
Monday 10:00am Masquerade Show and Tell
Monday 11:30am The Eleventh Hour: Procrastinators Anonymous
Monday 1:00pm Masquerade Basics


Friday 11:00pm Night DJ Dirge Dance
Saturday 2:00pm Renaissance Ball
Monday 12:00am Night DJ Dirge Dance

Fan Interest

Friday 7:00pm Toxic Fandom Behavior Online
Friday 8:30pm The Power of Finding Ourselves in Fanfiction
Saturday 10:00am How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things
Saturday 10:00am Fighting with Swords!
Saturday 11:30am Comfort Food TV: Arts and Crafts Shows
Saturday 12:00pm An Introduction to Italian Rapier Class
Saturday 2:30pm Arisia 101: An Introduction
Saturday 4:00pm Arisia Programming and Brainstorming
Saturday 4:30pm Steampunk Martial Arts
Saturday 5:30pm Romantic or Repulsive?
Saturday 5:30pm When the Panel Goes Rogue...
Saturday 6:30pm Open Fencing
Saturday 7:00pm So you want to start a con...
Saturday 8:30pm Fanfiction Festival (18+)
Sunday 10:00am Teen Sword Fighting
Sunday 10:30am The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones
Sunday 11:30am Dealing with Crises in Conrunning
Sunday 11:30am The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Sunday 12:30pm Exploring Combat Tropes in Popular Fantasy Media
Sunday 1:00pm Fanfiction Festival—All Ages
Sunday 2:30pm Nostalgia Ain’t What it Used to Be
Sunday 4:00pm 60 Panels in 70 Minutes
Sunday 5:30pm Making Arisia Happen
Sunday 7:00pm Super Awesome Advice Panel!
Monday 10:00am Splendid Teapot Racing
Monday 11:30am Friendship in Fandom Through the Years

Fast Track

Friday 5:30pm Open Play Time
Saturday 10:00am Make Your Own Wings
Saturday 10:00am Duct Tape Roses
Saturday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry
Saturday 10:00am Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories
Saturday 1:00pm An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering
Saturday 1:00pm Pictionary with Robots
Saturday 1:00pm Project Cosplay
Saturday 1:00pm Magic Show: Daniel Dern
Saturday 2:30pm Monsters in the Elevator
Saturday 2:30pm Dungeons and Dragons for kids
Saturday 4:00pm Make it in Clay
Saturday 4:00pm Improv Theater Games For Kids
Sunday 10:00am Monsters in the Elevator
Sunday 10:00am Collectible Card Games
Sunday 10:00am Wand Making Workshop
Sunday 10:00am Atl Atl Make-and-take with Shooting Gallery
Sunday 1:00pm Papercraft Workshop
Sunday 1:00pm Dungeons and Dragons Kids
Sunday 1:00pm Project Cosplay: Props & Accessories
Sunday 2:30pm Science Experiments
Sunday 3:00pm Swords of Chivalry
Sunday 4:00pm Tubular friendship bracelet weaving
Monday 10:00am Pokemon TCG
Monday 10:00am Let’s make slime
Monday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry
Monday 11:30am Monsters in the Elevator
Monday 11:30am Last Day Open Play

Film and Video

Saturday 8:30am Saturday Morning Revisited
Sunday 1:00pm Movie: Sorry to Bother You


Friday 3:00pm Open Tabletop Gaming—Friday
Friday 5:00pm Minecraft LAN Party—Friday
Friday 7:00pm Online Intermediated Gaming
Saturday 7:00am Open Tabletop Gaming—Saturday
Saturday 11:00am Minecraft LAN Party—Saturday
Saturday 2:30pm Sticking the Landing: Ending Campaigns
Saturday 5:30pm Gaming As a Way of Exploring Identity
Sunday 7:00am Open Tabletop Gaming—Sunday
Sunday 11:00am Minecraft LAN Party—Sunday
Sunday 2:30pm Forged in the Dark and Powered by the Apocalypse
Sunday 7:00pm Making a Safer Game
Monday 7:00am Open Tabletop Gaming—Monday
Monday 10:00am NERF Blaster War
Monday 11:30am Upping Your Game: Making a Better RPG Experience


Friday 7:00pm Friday Tabletop Jamboree
Friday 8:30pm Speed Circuit
Saturday 7:00am MTG Foil Cube Draft
Saturday 9:00am Family Game Time
Saturday 12:30pm Axis & Allies & Zombies
Saturday 3:00pm Martian Rails
Saturday 6:00pm I Wish! The Jukebox Musical Story Creation Game
Saturday 7:00pm Shadows Over Camelot
Saturday 7:00pm Saturday Tabletop Jamboree
Sunday 8:30am Mission Red Planet 2nd Edition
Sunday 12:30pm Fury of Dracula: 4th Edition
Sunday 1:00pm MTG Conspiracy Multiplayer Cube Draft
Monday 10:00am Betrayal at House on the Hill
Monday 11:00am New Bedford

Gaming—Tabletop RPG

Friday 6:00pm Spirit of the Holiday—Friday
Friday 7:00pm What Passions, Winnings, Losses, Ardors?
Saturday 12:00pm Hunger Fangs—Saturday
Saturday 6:00pm Spirit of the Holiday—Saturday
Saturday 7:00pm Legion of Liberty: Bootleggers of 1792
Sunday 11:00am The Melford Murder
Sunday 12:00pm Hunger Fangs—Sunday
Sunday 1:00pm Boomstick!
Sunday 5:00pm D&D 5e: Prop Hunt—Sunday
Monday 10:00am D&D 5e: Prop Hunt—Monday


Friday 5:00pm Open Video Gaming—Friday
Saturday 11:00am Open Video Gaming—Saturday
Sunday 11:00am Open Video Gaming—Sunday

Guests of Honor

Saturday 11:30am Andrea Hairston Reading
Saturday 1:00pm Andrea Hairston Signing


Friday 8:30pm Speculative Laughs: Funny Business in SFF
Friday 10:00pm Circlet Press Reading
Saturday 1:00pm Leaders and Heroes: What’s the Difference?
Saturday 1:00pm Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians in SFF
Saturday 2:30pm Overt or Covert Antagonists: Who’s “More Evil”?
Saturday 4:00pm The Return of Space Opera
Saturday 7:00pm Oh No, JKR! When Your Idols Betray You
Saturday 8:30pm Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sunday 10:00am Living Cities, Ships, and Other Equipment
Sunday 4:00pm Future Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Sunday 4:00pm Plagues in Fantasy and Science Fiction
Sunday 7:00pm How Much “Alien” Is Too Much?
Monday 11:30am Aging in SFF


Friday 8:30pm Movies That Made Us
Saturday 11:30am Revisiting Saturday Morning Revisited
Saturday 2:30pm The Allure of the Good-Bad Movie
Saturday 2:30pm The (New) Golden Age of Movie Musicals
Sunday 10:00am Marvel’s Streaming Disneyverse
Sunday 11:30am We Must Be Strong: She-Ra
Sunday 4:00pm From Blacula to Get Out: The Panel
Sunday 5:30pm Bowie on the Big Screen
Sunday 7:00pm A New Final Frontier: Modern Star Trek Series
Sunday 7:00pm Narrative Podcasts
Monday 10:00am Tears in Rain: Blade Runner at 40
Monday 1:00pm The Nic Cage Panel


Friday 5:30pm Daf Yomi Siyum
Friday 7:00pm POC Meetup
Friday 7:00pm Tabletop Indie RPG Meetup
Friday 8:30pm Arisia First Night Social
Saturday 8:30am Saturday Christian Services
Saturday 10:00am Tabletop GM Meetup
Saturday 10:00am Ribbon Trading Meetup
Saturday 11:30am Pokemon Go Trainer Meetup
Saturday 11:30am Trans and Nonbinary Clothing Swap
Saturday 1:00pm Knitters Circle
Saturday 1:00pm Dammit Misha! The GISHer Meetup.
Saturday 2:30pm ADHD skill-share and meetup
Saturday 4:00pm Fans over 65 Meetup
Saturday 7:00pm Non-Binary Mixer & Safe Space
Saturday 8:30pm Meet Your Eorzian Neighbors!: A FFXIV Meetup
Saturday 10:00pm The Arisia Munch (18+)
Sunday 8:30am Sunday Christian Services
Sunday 10:00am Boston Whovians Doctor Who Meet Up
Sunday 11:30am Shaman Meetup
Sunday 11:30am Maker Crafting Social
Sunday 1:00pm Asexuality-Umbrella Meetup
Sunday 2:30pm Fans with Disabilities Meetup
Sunday 4:00pm Speculative Fiction Writers Cafe
Sunday 4:00pm Neurodivergent Meetup
Sunday 5:30pm Meeting of Nerds
Sunday 7:00pm Polyamory Meetup
Monday 10:00am Gal Pal Gathering- Femslashers unite!
Monday 11:30am In Memoriam


Friday 8:30pm Friday Night Readings
Saturday 11:30am Saturday Morning Readings
Saturday 2:30pm Saturday Afternoon Readings
Saturday 4:00pm Saturday Evening Readings
Sunday 11:30am Sunday Morning Readings


Saturday 11:30am Billionaires IN SPACE!
Saturday 1:00pm The Sociology of COVID
Sunday 10:00am Why Disinformation Works
Sunday 1:00pm The Year in Science—2021
Sunday 4:00pm Practical Information Security
Monday 10:00am Bitcoin & Doge & NFT, Oh My!


Friday 7:00pm Mrs Hawking—Gentlemen Never Tell
Friday 8:30pm Hallucinating Shakespeare, V2.0 The Ted Talk
Friday 10:00pm PMRP’s Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever
Saturday 12:00am Rocky Horror—Shiver with Antici….pation
Saturday 6:00pm Mrs Hawking—Gentlemen Never Tell
Sunday 12:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog
Sunday 1:30am Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling
Sunday 5:30pm Mrs Hawking


Saturday 10:00am Simple Solutions for Creative Project Pitfalls
Saturday 1:00pm Decorate a Mini-Hat/Fascinator
Saturday 2:30pm Book Upcycling
Saturday 2:30pm Bullet Journaling for Geeks
Saturday 4:00pm Faux Fur Ears for All
Saturday 7:00pm Make a blinky badge!
Saturday 8:30pm Improv for DMs/GMs and their players
Sunday 10:00am Rubber Block Printmaking
Sunday 10:00am Techniques for Body-Positive Cosplay
Sunday 1:00pm Bring the bling!
Sunday 1:00pm Writing Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Sunday 2:30pm Hands-on (or Hands-off) Theremin Workshop
Sunday 5:30pm (Re)Design for Variant Cosplay
Sunday 7:00pm Writing as a Military Veteran
Monday 11:30am Figure Drawing: Cosplay edition


Friday 7:00pm Writing Helpline for Action Scenes
Friday 8:30pm Plural Perspectives
Saturday 10:00am Creating Authentic Characters with Disabilities
Saturday 10:00am Writing Geeky Characters
Saturday 4:00pm Crafting Memorable Villains
Saturday 5:30pm Writing Series, Sequels, and Spin-Offs
Saturday 5:30pm Shop Talk: Quitting Time
Saturday 7:00pm Dungeons, Dragons, and Writers: A Live Event
Saturday 8:30pm Identifying Markets For Your Work
Sunday 10:00am Dialogue That Sings
Sunday 11:30am All Words Are Made Up
Sunday 4:00pm The Mushy Middle: Conquering the Midpoint Swamp
Monday 10:00am Writing that Makes You Want to Write
Monday 11:30am Creeping Sense of Doom